La Partitura de Green Leaves

Acabas de entrar a la web idónea en caso de que hayas querido practicar interpretando la banda sonora de Green Leaves. A continuación te enseñamos la partitura de la banda sonora, así como su música y letra, con el fin de que no te falte nada para impulsar tu carrera.

Partitura Green Leaves

Información de la Partitura de Green Leaves

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Green Leaves: Vídeo

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Green Leaves: Letra de la canción

I remember when I use to smoke
Eyes mad low, Coz I smoked mad blow
Yup times when I had no hope
I was so throwed and my mind so gone
But then I heard a call from my tomb
Dead now alive
Coz a God in the sky talking bout man he loves from the womb
Man I need love from the womb
Coz coz
Coz I done did a couple bad things
Addicted to pornography
Since like 14
But God came around
Did a new whole thing
Been a whole year clean and I ain’t no looking back no sir no sir no sir not me
No sorry
Devil tryna catch me in his games no Atari
God so raw in the cloud so Foggie
I’m on Gods side, so tell me who gone stop me

Don’t you go back to the green
My child

Don’t you go back to the green
My child
I want to live with You

Don’t you go back to the green
My child

Don’t you go back to the green
My child
I want to live with You

I was on my straight
I was straight chillin
Tears running on down
When I looked at the ceiling
Chillin with some gold chain dreams
And a shanty in between
I felt so blue when I bout got into her jeans
Man this crap ain’t what it seems
When you look between the seams
And go behind the scenes
Of every single movie you done seen
And see it ain’t the same
As all those shows
That’s on the screen
And then they flip the script
On you before you get the chance to lead
I been feeling so down
I been trying to get around
While all my homies in the back
Is rolling grams
Blunts to the face
And then the night has been erased
Everybody trying to eat
But they won’t even pass the plate
Lord I ain’t even prayed in ten days
It don’t seem right in this place
And I ain’t even in my On space but
I’m a keep that on the low
Low key
Cause even when my hearts locked
You still love to love me
And that’s key

Descargar la Partitura de Green Leaves

Tendrás la opción de acceder a la partitura íntegra de Green Leaves inscribiéndote en la página web de debajo. Los tipos disponibles son estos: MP3, pdf, XML de música o MIDI.

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