Partitura de John Brown

El buen músico necesita su partitura para interpretar su instrumento. Por esta razón, te dejamos la partitura de John Brown, a fin de que seas capaz de interpretar la banda sonora y hacer sonar su hermosa melodía. Da lo mismo el instrumento, la trompeta, el clarinete o el piano, simplemente goza de su música.

Partitura John Brown

John Brown: Datos

El total de los detalles sobre la partitura la podrás comprobar en el siguiente capítulo: sus claves, las páginas de la partitura, las partes, el ensamble, tiempo de la canción…

mi mayor, do♯ menor
Rock, Banda sonora
Nombre de las partes
Todo el mundo puede ver esta puntuación .
Ninguno (Todos los derechos reservados)

John Brown: Vídeo

A su vez, puedes visualizar el capítulo venidero en el caso de que estés interesado en oír el audio:

John Brown: Letra de la canción

John Brown went off to war to fight on a foreign shore
His mama sure was proud of him!
He stood straight and tall in his uniform and all
His mama’s face broke out all in a grin

Oh son, you look so fine, I’m glad you’re a son of mine
You make me proud to know you hold a gun
Do what the captain says, lots of medals you will get
And we’ll put them on the wall when you come home

As that old train pulled out, John’s ma began to shout
Tellin’ ev’ryone in the neighborhood
That’s my son that’s about to go, he’s a soldier now, you know
She made well sure her neighbors understood

She got a letter once in a while and her face broke into a smile
As she showed them to the people from next door
And she bragged about her son with his uniform and gun
And these things you called a good old-fashioned war

Oh! Good old-fashioned war

Then the letters ceased to come, for a long time they did not come
They ceased to come for about ten months or more
Then a letter finally came saying, go down and meet the train
Your son’s a-coming home from the war

She smiled and went right down, she looked everywhere around
But she could not see her soldier son in sight
But as all the people passed, she saw her son at last
When she did she could hardly believe her eyes

Oh his face was all shot up and his hand was all blown off
And he wore a metal brace around his waist
He whispered kind of slow, in a voice she did not know
While she couldn’t even recognize his face

Oh! Lord! Not even recognize his face

Oh tell me, my darling son, pray tell me what they done
How is it you come to be this way?
He tried his best to talk but his mouth could hardly move
And the mother had to turn her face away

Don’t you remember, Ma, when I went off to war
You thought it was the best thing I could do?
I was on the battleground, you were home acting proud
You wasn’t there standing in my shoes

Oh, and I thought when I was there, God, what am I doing here?
I’m a-tryin’ to kill somebody or die tryin’
But the thing that scared me most was when my enemy came close
And I saw that his face looked just like mine

Oh! Lord! Just like mine!

And I couldn’t help but think, through the thunder rolling and stink
That I was just a puppet in a play
And through the roar and smoke, this string is finally broke
And a cannon ball blew my eyes away

As he turned away to walk, his Ma was still in shock
At seein’ the metal brace that helped him stand
But as he turned to go, he called his mother close
And he dropped his medals down into her hand

John Brown: Descargar la Partitura Íntegra

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