La Partitura de The Ludlows

Poder tocar la melodía de The Ludlows sin su partitura es algo irrealizable, por ello la parte inferior te lo mostramos, para que así, seas capaz de interpretar la canción con tu instrumento y poder mejorar. Es un música sumamente estimulante para tocarlo utilizando la flauta dulce, el violonchelo o el clarinete entre otros.

Partitura The Ludlows

Partitura de The Ludlows: Detalles

Si deseas revisar el total de los puntos clave con respecto a la partitura, puedes revisar el segmento venidero: las páginas que tiene la partitura, las partes, sus medidas, duración de la música, el ensamble, .etc

re mayor, si menor
Clásico, Banda sonora
Nombre de las partes
Todo el mundo puede ver esta puntuación .
Atribución, compartir igual

Vídeo de The Ludlows

Antes de interpretar la música, puedes observar el videoclip en este apartado venidero:

The Ludlows: Letra de la canción

Eric G
Cultural varying
One Love for black music
Jamla is the squad
Well Alright

These are the Brad Pitts
Legends of fall fall
Thinking of Michael and Whitney burns me like alcohol
Every night momma call, giving me more advice
Things in media got her fearing my music life
All of the bright lights, all of the fallen stars
Pray for the black kids all the leaders they grew up on
Moving along fast, feeling like day fast
Digesting’s a hard task, all I want is our music back
Reagan Era dope rap, Mercedes to Maybach
Black rappers unless we gon’ keep to drive that
Gunnin’ runnin’ 110 an hour ‘till the wheels flat
We permanent like two tats on hoodrats nigga fuck that
Yo, first LB break up, now every day I wake up to more bullshit
I couldn’t make up, tre like a Laker
Handle with my face up, the lord pray I shall not quit
So catch me, running like a stampede of horses
Rings around you niggas, polygamy no divorces
Passing you like some courses, lay you flatter than forces
Houses with old porches surrounded with country orchards
It’s [Yup] the beginning of forever
Raining on parades in places they thought we’d never weather
Whether, radio ever play a nigga
I don’t make music for radio but for niggas
My nigga, my people, a weapon I need though
Better get down on your knees and pray to heaven I don’t see you
Nigga the line’s been drawn
Niggas taking shots I guess the wicked get stoned
So some other fuckers buy cars and get blown
No respect, no respect, no respect homes
While Niggas in Paris they ballin’ Watching the Throne
I was at home, yo
I was on the phone, telling momma hold on
This music shit hard if you plan to be lone
Like legends of the fall, legends have fallen
Michael, Whitney, just want you to know that you’re all in
My memory

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