La Partitura de To Love’s End

En caso de que hayas estado queriendo encontrar la partitura del sonido de To Love’s End, acabas de entrar a la página de internet ideal. Ahora te mostramos la partitura de la banda sonora, así como su letra y audio, para poder tocarlo con tu ukelele, flauta o violín, no importa que instrumento toques.

Partitura To Love's End

Características de To Love’s End

En el posterior apartado podrás revisar las características con respecto a la partitura: tiempo de la melodía, los nombres de sus partes, el número de páginas que tiene la partitura, el ensamble, sus medidas, .etc

B♭ major, G minor
Part names
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To Love’s End en Vídeo

Por otra parte, podrás visualizar el videoclip de la melodía de forma que la consigas escucharla:

Letra de To Love’s End

Love, it renders even wise men into fools
A force that has followed us for so long
Yet all we can hope to do is give in
To something so wonderful

If one’s soul could be a song
If one’s soul could sing along
There would be nothing that I could say
To match the way I feel
So I will simply read you a verse
Forgive me

Even though
I’ve known you now
For quite some time
In life there’s naught at all that can contend
With meeting your soft lips, oh so sublime
And for a moment feel my breath suspend

As tacit words are whispered to my heart
They gently beckon me to your embrace
Without a thought I readily depart
The world and leave my worries to efface

In your dark eyes there lies a tenderness
I am not worthy of yet you’ve bestowed
And so my soul is nursed by your caress
Where normally the sands of time erode

A thousand years together will not do
To weary me of one more kiss from you

Descargar Partitura Completa de To Love’s End

Yendo a la web venidera tendrás la posibilidad de bajar la partitura completa de To Love’s End, en formato mp3, pdf, MusicXML o MIDI.

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