La Partitura de Flower In The River

De modo que seas capaz de tocar la banda sonora de Flower In The River recurriendo a tu instrumento preferente, te enseñamos su partitura, letra y vídeo. Quizás te pueda ser de utilidad y tengas la posibilidad de pasar un rato bueno con esta encantadora canción.

Partitura Flower In The River

Detalles de la Partitura de Flower In The River

Abajo te enseñamos los puntos clave en torno a la partitura: el género, sus claves, los nombres de sus secciones, tiempo de la melodía, la cantidad de páginas de la partitura…

F♯ major, D♯ minor
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Vídeo de Flower In The River

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Flower In The River: Letra de la canción

From the river to the ocean
Still a long long way to go
We are travelling all together
The more we see the more we know
This is a splendid time for curious minds
But the river rock the boat
Under the clear blue sky
A paradise unfold

From the mainland
To a strange land
It´s the way the river flows
Every good man have a good plan
What it takes God only knows
This is a splendid time
To feed your mind
Look up – you can see the other you
It´s a matter of life and death
The time you get
So you better spend it well

Hey – when you stand on the brink
Looking for answers – Looking for answers
Love is one – Love is all – Love is kind
Love Put on many faces
Love is the only answer – Love´s what you feel
You can invest in love but never ask for payback

Flower In The River: Descargar la Partitura Completa

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