Partitura de The Enchanted Valley

El buen músico le hace falta su partitura para interpretar su instrumento. Por todo ello, te mostramos la partitura de The Enchanted Valley, de forma que seas capaz de hacer sonar la canción y interpretar su agradable melodía. No importa el instrumento, la trompeta, el piano o la guitarra, solamente deléitate por su música.

Partitura The Enchanted Valley

Partitura de The Enchanted Valley: Detalles

La información plena en lo que concierne a la partitura los puedes investigar aquí: la cantidad de páginas que posee la partitura, el género, tiempo de la melodía, los nombres de las partes, sus medidas, .etc

E♭ major, C minor
Part names
Flute, Piano
Everyone can see this score
None (All rights reserved)

The Enchanted Valley: Vídeo

En este segmento próximo, puedes mirar el videoclip previo a tocar la melodía:

The Enchanted Valley: Letra de la canción

Raise sails, head to the open sea
Under captain Schettino’s command
Heeding the proud and stuttering call
Of Pippi Longstocking and Saddam Hussein

From Cape Town, through lake Baikal
Across Castel di Sangro
To the enchanted valleys of European Alps
Where reptilians play Subbuteo with Bush

Cows, fire, demons – you cannot stop our march
Piggybacking Eddie Murphy into Liechtenstein

Hail to Liechtenstein! Hail to Liechtenstein!
Hail to Liechtenstein!

We bought a swiss motorway vignette
To drive through the A13
Avoiding the checks of the border patrol
To be free from customs control

Dribbling the sight of old passersby
Riding to downtown Schaan
While the busty Liechtensteinerinnen
Still inspire us with onanist dreams

Our journey’s over, and the hardships now are gone
Flying free on Hawking wheelchairs to Liechtenstein

Hail to Liechtenstein! Hail to Liechtenstein!
Hail to Liechtenstein!

The highest GDP per person in the world
Adjusting by purchase power parity
An unemployment rate so ridiculously low
It’s just 1. 5%
Levying a flat income tax
And a loose corporate fiscal regime
Under the sign of the Financial Intelligence Unit
Fighting laundering and capital flight
Fürstentum Liechtenstein

Fürstentum Liechtenstein
A business-friendly country you are

Prince Hans Adam! For the permit we’ll apply
To gain timeless residence in Liechtenstein!

Hail to Liechtenstein! Hail to Liechtenstein!
Hail to Liechtenstein!

The Enchanted Valley: Descargar Partitura Íntegra

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